Ellexi pulling wheelie on BuellThis past weekend was a time where I get to dream of all the new motorcycles that would be nice to chose from as theSnow, Snow and a little more Snow International Motorcycle Show passed through Chicago. As always, it was fun to look around and see some amazing bikes. It also brings on the desire for warmer, snow-free days, unlike the current condition of Gurnee which has about 8 - 10 inches of snow in most areas.
Well, after I mistakenly lost several web pages at the heart of, I am finally getting around to rebuilding that portion of the website.  I'm using the CMS (content management system) called Joomla.  It takes care of making the site look pretty.  It is my job to put stuff on it that I need or others may have some interest in.

Nikala's painted faceHere is a picture I received from Nikala as she and the freshman team were headed to watch Warren's varsity squad play Fenwick at the Sear's Centre.